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Seamless Integration

Impress your clients & partners with a professionally engineered and beautifully designed Audio Visual system.

Reliable Technology

Streamlining, resiliency and redundancy are necessities… You need reliable technology that will work today, and tomorrow.

Collaborate & Connect

Plug and play solutions to help you communicate better with your teams and clients, with multi-platform functionality.

Visual Conferencing Systems

Video conferencing is now a staple of the modern workplace. The ease of being able to collaborate and connect with staff and clients from different locations saves time and money. This is a huge advantage to a business. In addition, this means having the correct technology to be able to do this seamlessly and with less stress. Video conferencing systems are now a staple for any business. Having a dedicated room is a bonus.

The classic video conferencing set up. Whether you need to collaborate with your team members outside the office, host interactive virtual events, or offer your team a way to communicate. For example, with online instructors or peers, a video conferencing system is an ideal solution. Amplified AV offers the right video conferencing solutions for your meeting room or rooms.

Equipment & Software

There are different ways and contrasting equipment that can be used for various types of video conferencing systems. We have a list below with the examples of equipment and software. These examples are options that our clients use and like. Here are some examples of equipment and systems for conferencing.

  • Proprietary legacy equipment for enterprise, internal-only designs.
  • Legacy equipment peer to peer or simultaneous multi-sites designs. Four to eight users.
  • Cloud or web-based equipment are for simultaneous users 10, 25, 50, 100, 500 or more.
  • Web-based systems are for simultaneous users 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 500 or more. For example, Zoom, or Skype.

There are quite a few different solutions and routes your business can choose. However, for some this can be a little overwhelming. We understand that this can be challenging. It is great to have so many different avenues to turn down. Each business has a unique direction when it comes to video conferencing systems. This where we jump in to give our expert advice.

We would be pleased to offer the right solution. However, depending on what your organization needs and which platform you want to move forward with. In conclusion, there are many efficient and cost-effective conferencing solutions available. Whether it is virtual solutions, web conferencing solutions or unified communication applications. Contact us today.

We have some great examples of our work we can show you all over downtown Vancouver, the lower mainland, and more. We have photos and video but we recommend that you visit an install for the full experience of a fantastic video conferencing system or video conferencing room.

Our Clients

Amplified AV Audio visual clients
We have a huge investment in technology throughout our many meeting rooms. Amplified Audio Visual has provided us with great integration services. Above all, they continue to support our investments in audio visual technology. They are a great resource. For instance, they respond to our needs attentively.

Sky Andrews,Facilities Supervisor

Seaspan Ship Management Ltd.
I have known Steve for several years, and he was very helpful in the initial audio visual integration. Similarly, for numerous rooms in our building. We continue to use Steve and his new company as a resource. Most importantly, they provide excellent quality in the variety of their services.

Lowell McPhail,Managing Director at ICORD

(International Collaboration On Repair Discoveries)
Amplified Audio Visual was tasked with upgrading our video conference solutions in Burnaby. Steve was able to complete the upgrades on-time. He presented and demonstrated the configuration, and remained onsite to support the deployment. We will continue to work with Amplified AV in the future.

Greg Widmeyer,Systems Integration Analyst

Associated Engineering Group Ltd.
Amplified Audio Visual provided just the right audio and video solution for our Multipurpose Room. They helped us through the project from start to finish, sourcing the best components, doing a professional installation, and creating a seamless and professional solution. I recommend them highly!

Duane Laird,Hub Operations Manager

BCTIA Innovations Hub
Steve, you listen to what I actually need. Not just what I think I want. Therefore, I can always count on you to provide the very best solutions for me while also respecting my budget.  It continues to be a pleasure to work with you.

Michael Walsh,President

Kaizen Consulting

We engaged Amplified AV to transform our community hall from a large room challenged by sub-optimal acoustics to a functional space that offers clear communication channels and invites comfortable discourse. This was facilitated by installing Prime Acoustic panels, supplemented by a Yamaha Stagepas sound system with peripherals neatly arranged in a Mainframe Cabinet. We added a virtual conference system in our office that included the Logitech Rally Bar Mini.

Collaborating and communicating with Steve Moxness was fluid. He offered comprehensive designs and maintained a high standard of professionalism throughout the process. The technical team was punctual and competent, completing the circle of a project exceptionally well executed.

We highly recommend Amplified AV to anyone looking to reconceptualize existing spaces and create immersive environments.

Laura Spiegel,President

Adanac Housing Co-operative Society
Our recent installation of a new video conferencing system in our board room was done with the utmost professionalism. We are so happy with the quality of work, advice, and training. Thank you, Steve, and your team for your great customer service!

Joe Maina,

Steve provided excellent service when we designed and integrated audio visual technology into our 17th floor renovated space. He was very responsive to our needs and always on top of things. To sum up, it was a pleasure to work with Steve throughout the integration process.

Hubert Kan,Director of Information Technology

Peterson Group
We had the pleasure, and it truly was a pleasure, of dealing with Steve for our audio-visual needs.

Angelo Khoshaba,Owner

Regal Grooming
Overall, very Knowledgeable and efficient. I would recommend Amplified to anyone looking for a new AV install, or a setup.

Dale Savage,IT Technician

Amplified Audio Visual Limited


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