Where do you start when it comes to buying audio visual technology for your Boardroom / Meeting Room / Huddle Room? You have to start somewhere. Where do you start?

Start at the image. Let me explain.

Visual Equipment

Ok, you are in a presentation. We’ve all been there before. The image is up on the interactive display device. At that time, does it really matter to you what type of projector is in the ceiling, what type of TV is on the wall, what the computer is, or even what the source equipment is? Nope.

Certainly, all the av equipment, whether it be in the rack, on the ceiling or on the wall is important. Especially the quality, that’s for sure. But think of it, is it the most important during a presentation? Not at all. For a presenter and the attendees, the most important thing is the image. That is what consumes the attention.

Now having said that, we will discuss the importance of audio in an upcoming blog, but for now let’s focus on how important the final selection of your interactive display device is.

Questions To Consider

Are you wanting to set up a meeting room with audio visual equipment for presentations? We suggest to start at the image and work back to the user. To keep it simple, here are some questions to start out with:

  • What is typically presented during meetings in this room? Is it video, data? What are the sources that will be used?
    • This information can adversely affect your decision on display resolution and brightness.
  • How big is the room? How many people will be in the room at one time, typically?
    • This will determine the size of the image required.
  • What is the lighting like? Can it be dimmed or controlled? Are there shades to block direct sunlight (and heat)?
    • Use these answers to determine what your attendees will experience during a presentation. Will it be your desired outcome?

Did you notice that all the above questions are related to the image? That is because, once said and done, image is everything.

A great example of a top-quality interactive display is the Avocor F50 Series which has received great reviews and would be happy to give you a demo of the F50.

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