A video wall (also known as a display wall) is a large visualization surface. This can be a single monitor display or an array of monitors. A single monitor nowadays can be over 100 inches. These monitors can have a narrow bezel, or no bezel at all and are mounted together to make the image appear as one large display creating a video wall effect.



Both traditional LCD (Liquid Crystal Displays) and fine-pixel pitch LED displays (Light Emitting Diode) Displays can be used to create stunning video walls. Each offers unique benefits. The latest LCD video wall displays have bezels that eliminate seams between the displays in a wall configuration. Direct-view LED video walls are entirely seamless and are rated based on their pixel pitch. Both LCD and LED displays are brilliantly backlit, offering much more excellent brightness and contrast values than a projector would. You can see this when sunlight intrudes on a projected image. The image will appear faded and washed out.


How To Use Video Walls

Video walls are used in business, control centers, transportation, and entertainment environments. They are also helpful in huge venues where information needs to reach crowds, such as stadiums or terminals (train stations, airports). We find that many companies are now incorporating video walls into their ample boardroom space instead of projection and screen. They can deliver excellent picture quality even at close range, which significantly adds value to presentations, images, illustrations, charts, videos, and much more.


Video walls can be operated using a video processor or controller. Types of video controllers include:


Hardware-based controller

Commonly used for a specific purpose. Controllers are built using video processing chips with one or several inputs delivery onto multiple displays without their own operating system. Hardware-based controllers are sometimes somewhat costly and are not as flexible as software-based or video card controllers. However, they have high performance and reliability.


Software-based controller

Commonly a dedicated PC running an operating system or a server with multiple output graphics cards. While offering more flexibility to run and display applications directly to the video wall, software-based controllers are open to typical computing vulnerabilities. Performance is based on the quality of graphics cards and management software.


LCD and LED video walls are optimized for specific applications and settings but can be built to suit you and your business and the requirements for the wall. Before settling on a particular video wall, make sure it fits your company’s needs.


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