How do you find the acoustics in your office space and meeting rooms? How are the noise levels? Does the sound travel and echo? Does it sound like you are in a fishbowl? Acoustic panels may be the best option for your office.

In today’s office environments, the spaces are often open floor plans. On the one hand, that makes for better collaboration, however on the other hand the noise levels increase and in many cases interfere with productivity. Have you seen this to be so in your space?

I am happy to say that there are ways to help you attain better room acoustics that may surprise you.

Managing Your Acoustics

One way is sound masking and another way is acoustic panels. They are both independent of each other and provide different results. Sound masking systems are a technology that creates ambient noise to match the frequency of human speech which results in making the space seem quieter. Another benefit of sound masking is that confidential conversations are muffled and become unintelligible for others not in the same room. Having said that, we will be talking about sound masking in another blog in the future.

Acoustic panels, on the other hand, are made of materials that absorb sound resulting in rooms having less echoing and noise distraction. It is good to note here that acoustic panels are not soundproofing, they are panels that absorb excess noise.

Acoustic Panels In The Office

The trend in office design is a large open area where every employee has a view outside with glass windows, concrete floors, and high ceilings that give everyone a sense of space. These workspaces look nice and make a strong visual statement about company culture. However, they are filled with noise distractions such as co-worker conversations, phone calls, a loud printer, a noisy heating, and air conditioning system, or the ring of cell phones, to mention a few. This is a huge drain on employee morale and productivity. Studies have shown this to be true. Since you are reading this, it most likely has affected your workplace, so you understand how irritating it can be!

By treating the room with acoustic panels, you can effectively quiet down the space and remove most of the offending noise from traveling throughout the office. These panels are hung from the ceiling or can be mounted on walls. Installation is quick and easy. Once installed, you will immediately notice a quieter work environment. Instead of sound ricocheting all over the place polluting every corner of the facility, the noise will be contained. With lower ambient noise, employees will be able to better concentrate, stress levels will be reduced and productivity will soar.

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