How is the sound in your meeting rooms? Does it echo and sound like a fishbowl?
Is it a disturbing experience for those inside the room or to those on the remote side of your video or audio conferencing call?

The Problem With Meeting Room Acoustics

Meeting rooms and conference rooms often have acoustic issues due to hard walls, floors, windows and tables making sound waves bounce all over the room, creating what we call a fishbowl effect.

The issue in these types of rooms are the acoustics. The microphones are picking up voices as well as capturing the ambient noise along with background noise and disruptive echoes.  This makes for the unpleasant tone that makes it difficult to hear and understand what is being said.

Log Cabin 10 finished WS

The Benefits of Acoustic Panels

Treating the meeting room or boardroom with acoustic panels is a cost-effective solution.

Acoustic panels are specially formulated with dense glass wool or other product that absorb sound energy, thus taming the acoustic reverberation.  Acoustic panels can be installed on the ceiling or walls.  By strategically placing these panels will improve the overall quality of your video conferencing experience, both within the room and out.

At this office shown in the picture, the Amplified AV team treated the room with acoustic panels which removed the disruptive echoes, enhancing audio conferencing quality, and improving overall communication in their video conferencing rooms.

Acoustic ceiling panel copy

Amplified AV Installation

Amplified Audio Visual Limited was asked to help a client address a problem in this regard.  At this office, three meeting rooms were experiencing audio issues … typical issue for rooms with a lot of hard surfaces.  Each room had echoing whenever someone spoke.  This made for uncomfortable communication.  Along with that, when an audio or video conferencing call was made, the remote listeners had difficulty in understanding what was being said.

The solution selected, was the Prime Acoustic London 8 Room kit for the walls and Cloud paintables for the ceiling. This system was cost effective and easy to Install, perfect for a small to mid-sized meeting room.

The London 8 Room Kit is available in colour options, including paintable panels.  The ceiling panels, called Cloud Paintables, come in a variety of different shapes and sizes; circular, hexagonal, square etc.  They can also be painted if desired.

Audio Visual setup with acoustic panels


Keeping With Design

You’ll notice from the pictures that with the addition of the panels we didn’t have to compromise aesthetics… acoustic panels can be pleasing to the eye too.

Results? Your room looks good and sounds amazing too.

Audio Visual setup with acoustic panels on roof and walls

Can we help you?

Remember, a sound quality issue will be heard on the other end of your conferencing call. So, the next time you are on a call ask the person on the other end, “how is the sound quality for you?”  If their answer mentions anything like echoey, background noise, unintelligible, then you likely have a meeting room acoustics problem.

This is where the Amplified Audio Visual Limited can help.  Contact us today to arrange a free consultation.

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