Perhaps your office environment is filled with distracting noise. Telephones, people talking, clattering, noisy printers. In addition, people outside your office or meeting room can hear your confidential conversations. Suffice to say, we listen to complaints about that from many company managers, HR personnel, and employees. This is where sound masking comes in.

Where Can You Use Sound Masking?

A sound masking system reduces the impression of intruding sound. Therefore, reducing annoyance and distraction. Using sound masking can improve acoustic privacy.

Here are three areas for considering reducing the noise in the workplace:

Open Offices

Open offices can be either too quiet. For example, where someone rustling paper in the next cubicle is distracting. Or too noisy; where the conversations of others in the office make it impossible to concentrate. These offices can reduce background noise because the added sound dilutes existing sounds in the area, whereby workers become less distracted and more productive.

Private Offices

The walls of a private office are often lightweight and do not extend to the ceiling deck, only to the ceiling tile. In these cases, sound can readily travel through partitions or over the walls. Sound masking can be provided in adjacent private offices or in hallways outside of private offices to ensure that confidential conversations remain confidential. For instance, one of our clients had an issue that others heard discussions in the Human resources office in the open office area. Subsequently, sound masking was installed in the open office area, making the conversation in the HR office incomprehensible to those in the open office area. Problem solved.

Public Spaces

Reducing and masking background sounds is helpful for reception areas, waiting rooms, and financial institutions. Sound masking provides in the area where others cannot hear conversations, not necessarily in the area where the conversation is taking place. For instance, one of our clients had an issue that discussions in the reception area were distracting office workers in the office area. So, sound masking was installed in the open office area, making the noise from the reception area less distracting the open office area. Problem Solved.

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