Display Warranties are an important aspect when buying new displays. We have a multitude of professional-grade large format displays. Which also now come with even greater warranty support and peace of mind.

Firstly, we are happy to inform you that NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc. is now offering a 5-year warranty. This is for select E series large format display models. It’s substantially exceeding the industry standard of providing 3-year warranties for similar products.

Amplified Audio Visual is proud to include NEC professional displays as a part of their av products and services. Above all, NEC is known for their quality. As they are a leading designer and provider of innovative displays. Additionally, they offer a vast array of products on the market, such as commercial- and professional-grade large-screen LCD displays. Also, desktop LCD monitors, direct view LED displays, a diverse line of multimedia and digital cinema projectors, and integrated display solutions. Regarding this warranty, Ben Hardy, Product Manager at NEC Display Solutions states: “We’re always seeking new ways to provide the highest level of support for our customers, and the robust design and build of these models gives us the confidence to offer this 5-year warranty.”

NEC interactive displays newsNEC Display Solutions’ pioneering 5-year warranty plan covers the following E-series models:

  • E656
  • E705, E705-AVT, E705-AVT2
  • E805, E805-AVT, E805-AVT2
  • E905, E905-AVT, E905-AVT

If you are considering upgrading interactive displays in your office, we hope you will take advantage of this limited-time offer!




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