Emergency Operations Centres are central command and control rooms. Also known as EOC rooms. Emergency response, public safety, and support agencies will use an EOC. Mostly, to coordinate, plan and prepare for an emergency response to a wide variety of events.

EOC rooms are frequently used by federal, provincial and municipal government bodies. They are used to coordinate various departments into one cohesive preparedness. Sharing information must be brought together and quickly analyzed. Therefore, creating potentially lifesaving decisions that can affect an entire population of citizens.

At Amplified AV Solutions, we know that public safety can depend on an EOC building running at peak efficiency. EOC staff need to develop an effective response plan and coordinate this across multiple agencies. To achieve this, they must display a variety of data. As well as external audio and video sources from within the EOC.

To make the most of their investment in high tech Audio Visual technology EOC’s will also be used for meetings and training rooms. The careful selection and configuration of the audiovisual components are vital. They allow for rapid response when the rooms go into EOC mode. Our control systems allow users to easily connect and interface with technology.

Amplified AV Solutions works with a variety of different EOC environments. We have the experience to help you get the most out of your space.

We will help you determine the best audiovisual integration. Integration that best suits your needs in your emergency operations center.

Amplified AV Solutions offers a free Emergency Operations Centre analysis. So, contact us today to begin design options for your new or existing EOC.

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