Conference Room Scheduling Systems – A Vital Function of Your Business 

Sometimes the littlest things make the biggest difference. Perhaps you haven’t thought of a conference room scheduling system. Your first reaction might be that it’s not required, but ponder this as there are plenty of advantages to having a room scheduling system.

For many companies with  multiple meeting rooms and boardrooms, the users will either book the room on their calendar, or they might take a piece of paper and tape it to the outside of the room (I’ve seen many companies that do this), or they just observe if someone is in the room in order to set up a meeting in it. Perhaps your team combines all of these techniques. All of these consume time and Time is money. Right? So, why not use that time to your company’s advantage? A Room Management System can help.

A Room Management System optimizes the utilization of each room and identifies the availability either at your fingertips or within eyesight. Typically, a touch-sensitive display device is located at the entrance to each meeting room. The Room Management display will show Green to indicate the room is available and then Red when the room is unavailable.

Why invest in a room scheduling system? Here are a few benefits to consider.

Consistent Experience
  • Consistent user-friendly operation is key. A good meeting room scheduling system allows users to book their specific meeting room easily. This could be done at their fingertips on any device, or directly at the scheduler display panel right outside the room.
Increased Productivity
  • No more running around meeting rooms to find out if one is available. No more meeting room theft. Room Scheduling systems alleviate the confusion of availability. Less wasted time, better & more productive meetings, on the fly bookings, the option to extend meeting times, instantly locating the appropriate room are all features and benefits that increase company productivity.
  • Meeting Room real estate is expensive. Let’s not waste it. Sometimes meetings are scheduled, then canceled. It happens. Most of the time the organizer will forget to cancel it, so the room is booked but not occupied.  Perhaps this has happened to you. Room Scheduling systems can remind the organizer of their meeting and give them the option to clear the slate. No more unused meeting rooms.
Efficient Team Gathering

There are many options for room scheduling management systems and displays. Therefore, your AV integrator can help you through the maze to help you select the right one. One that suits your needs, your budget, and your liking.

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