With TV’s getting thinner, it’s really hard to find the real estate for the speaker drivers on board. Another issue with onboard speakers is that they face downward or backward. How can one expect impressive sound with that? And, are soundbars worth the investment?

Your meeting rooms deserve amazingly good audio. Some folks have the wherewithal to install inwall or ceiling speakers, even surround systems. That is wonderful and ideal if you can afford the space and money. However, what if you don’t? That’s where soundbars come in.

What Are Soundbars?

Slim, unobtrusive and fairly simple to set up, soundbars provide a way to enhance your audio experience without requiring multiple speakers and wires everywhere. These soundbars can produce a sound that is quite frankly amazing. Perhaps not as good as a fully installed surround system, but definitely much better than most onboard TV speakers.

Some soundbar systems even take advantage of height channels and send sound vertically and horizontally, simultaneously. The sound bounces off the ceiling, surrounding you and giving you the feeling of being fully immersed. Pretty cool stuff. Therefore, enhancing the sound all around the room.

More and more meeting rooms and huddle room spaces are requiring soundbars with built-in microphones and Bluetooth connectivity so that the attendees can make audio conferencing calls. Other rooms will require an on-board camera for web conferencing calls.

For example, the Nureva HDL300 audio conferencing system soundbar is one of the best currently out in the market, which is specifically built for meetings and huddle rooms. This soundbar has microphones and speakers which can pick up any sounds from anywhere around the room. Most importantly, the HDL300 saves you money by allowing you to not have to fork out for separate speakers & mics.

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There are so many options. Above all, you can select the right soundbar for your needs. What are your requirements? Need some help? We would be happy to provide some expert advice. Let’s make your next meeting a quality audio experience. Call or email us at Amplified Audio Visual Solutions.

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