Small meeting rooms have been around forever. However due to the specifics of having productive scheduled or spontaneous meetings, along came the Huddle Room. A Huddle Room is basically a small meeting room/space that typically seats 3-6 people.  A basic huddle room would consist of a TV/monitor, wired or wireless computer connectivity and a table. However, other huddle room solutions can include a camera and microphone added to the mix. With more and more people carrying tablets and mobile devices, the need for wireless connectivity across multiple rooms has become essential. That is why Huddle Rooms have become so popular in businesses today.

More and more companies are moving away from the large boardroom and creating smaller meeting spaces. Obviously, cost of large meeting spaces are a factor, but most importantly is the increase of productivity with more people collaborating effectively. Let’s face it, many minutes and hours of our days are in meetings. In this rapidly moving world of information sharing, Huddle Rooms create an effective way to collaborate quickly and efficiently within the space and also with remote participation.

There are lots of products available as part of Huddle Room solutions. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) technology demands simplicity, but that can be difficult to attain. Keep in mind that a productive Huddle Room is user-friendly when sharing content, video and audio. However, not all wireless solutions are created equal. So, it is imperative to design the right fit Huddle Room solutions for your needs. Are you ready to get started in creating the Huddle Room for your business needs? We are here to help. Call or check out our AV solutions. See how huddle rooms can empower your business.

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