Why Mounted TV’s?

Mounted TVs provide a minimalistic look while saving space! With style and versatility, mounts allow you to place your TV virtually anywhere. There are fixed, tilting, and full-motion mounts. Implementing these into a specific environment is critical and needs to be correctly done. Here we will be talking about the different kinds of mounts and what needs they would be best suited for your work environment.

Fixed Mounts

Perfect for a TV you want to be stationary, the TV stays at eye level (whether sitting or standing), access to the ports and cables behind aren’t easily accessible because the mount makes the TV flush to the wall. Fixed are easy to install and generally the most affordable of mounts.

Tilted Mounts

Tilted mounts can tilt to almost a 45-degree angle and are great for viewing above eye level. This mount is useful for avoiding glare from windows and light. This mount helps store applications on the back of the TV. The input and outs put connections are easier to access with a tilted mount.

Full Motion Mounts

Full motion mounts take the lead in versatility and are very useful. With multiple pivot points, you can extend, tilt, swivel, and rotate. Full-motion mounts are great for viewing the TV from various seating areas. Glare is easily avoidable, and you have easy access to the ports and cables behind the computer.

Something Extra

Have you ever thought about a mount that can adjust the height of a TV or interactive display? These are an excellent solution for a conference room where multiple members need to interact with the display. A great example of a full-motion mount is the balance box. The balance box is the perfect tool for touch screen monitors, TVs, and interactive whiteboards. It’s effortless to adjust, and they recently have introduced an electronic system called the eBox. These motorized mounts consist of high-quality electric height adjustments, featuring the fastest and safest technology on the AV market today. To discover more about interactive display click here for our blog.

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