Are you in the hospitality industry? What sets you apart? Most importantly, you will know that customer service is what drives your business. Making your guests feel welcome in a warm inviting atmosphere is vital to your continued success. However, staying on top of the consistently growing customer expectations with new technology is a challenge.

Digital Signage

Meanwhile, the next hotel, airport or restaurant you visit, take a close look. See just how much audio visual technology surrounds you. I promise, you’ll be surprised. For example, Interactive touch directories, TV’s displaying current news, sound systems playing soothing music, self-serve check-in stations. In addition, lighting creating the welcoming ambiance, surveillance systems. And this is just in the main lobby. Above all, AV is everywhere. That is to say, it’s only becoming more interactive.

Mobile Technology

In addition, today, people are engaging with mobile technology more and more and wireless technology. This is where we are now. The hospitality Industry is no stranger to Audio Visual technology either. Similarly, there is no requirement to deliver all communication digitally in the hospitality industry. However, there is a strong line drawn between the venues that provide the latest Audio Visual solutions and those that haven’t joined the digital age.Check in stations using AV

AV Solutions are common in the hospitality and hotel industries. Most importantly, the numbers are increasing at an expedited rate. Therefore, by creating abundant opportunities for businesses who want to WOW their clients with improved marketing, cost-cutting automation, and state of the art trends.

In conclusion, it’s an exciting time for commercial AV technology. Amplified AV Solutions is ready to help you find the best custom solutions to help you. Form hotels, restaurants or other hospitality businesses. We can help you give your guests that extra WOW factor.


Most importantly, We specialise in a full spectrum of hotel, resort and hospitality AV Solutions including.



  •        Guest Lounges


  •        Hotel Lobbies


  •        Guest Lounges


  •        Restaurants & Bars




  •        Room Booking Solutions


  •        Any and all other Hospitality-Related Audio Visual Needs


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